We’re stepping up for the Global Climate Action Summit and taking climate ambition to the next level. And to make it happen we’re reaching out and we’re building ever stronger partnerships with people around the world.

Last month, Summit co-chair Anand Mahindra challenged companies to decarbonize, including adopting science-based emissions targets. And today, McDonald’s Corporation answered that call to action as the first restaurant company to adopt a science-based target to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. As more companies join in this effort, the momentum will continue!

We are also seeing rising climate ambition across financial sectors. Speaking before an audience of delegates from over 50 nations at the opening of the Climate Bonds Initiative annual conference in London, Christiana Figueres, the former UN Climate Chief & Convenor of Mission 2020, today challenged corporations and governments to increase the use of green bonds for financing projects. Read Reuters coverage of the announcement here.

Governments and corporations who answer this call and sign on to the Green Bond Pledge will help strengthen the worldwide market for green bonds and give investors more opportunities to fund enterprises that help curb emissions. Here’s what Anand Mahindra, Indian business leader and a co-chair of the Global Climate Action Summit, had to say about the Green Bond Pledge:

“The Green Bond Pledge is an important, supportive initiative to the Global Climate Action Summit. Greening financial flows now, and over the years and decades to come, can help take climate planning to the next level and in doing so, make a powerful and practical difference to people’s lives.”

— Summit Co-chair Anand Mahindra

Our goal for the Summit is simple: demonstrate inspiring climate action around the world and spur participants and nations to step up their own ambition so we can help bend the curve of greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. Today’s announcements are part of that surge of climate action that will help us take climate ambition to the next level at the Summit.

Turning to the Summit itself, the San Francisco Green Film Festival just announced that Green Film Fest 2018 will open in September to align with the Global Climate Action Summit. Please encourage filmmakers from around the globe to submit their films for consideration.

Here are some other ways you can join us to help make the Summit a truly innovative and transformational event:

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Thank you for your commitment to climate action! Stay tuned for more exciting Summit announcements and partnerships in the coming weeks.


The Global Climate Action Summit Team