Affiliate Event FAQs

What does it mean to host an affiliate event?

As part of the Global Climate Action Summit, many businesses, governments, NGOs, arts and music organizations, academic institutions, and others are hosting affiliate events. These events are an opportunity to create additional arenas for exploring climate challenges and solutions that complement Summit activities. Affiliate events range from panel discussions and workshops to exhibits and installations. The deadline to submit an application to host an affiliate event was April 17th, 2018.

Affiliate events occur outside of the main summit program and will take place the week of the Summit, September 10-14. While many of these events are concentrated in the San Francisco-Bay Area, there are affiliate events planned around the world, showcasing the truly global nature of the Summit.

What affiliate event logistics are the host organizations responsible for?

Organizations are responsible for all logistics related to their event, including but not limited to sourcing their own venues, organizing the event, registering participants, promoting their event, and covering all costs associated with the event. Be advised that there is no space available at the Summit venue for affiliate events.

What are the benefits to becoming a Global Climate Action Summit affiliate event?

Approved affiliate events will be listed on the Global Climate Action Summit website. Select events will also be highlighted through the Summit’s digital and social media platforms.

Affiliate event organizers will also receive access to the Global Climate Action Summit Toolkit, which will include an affiliate event logo, branding guidelines, messaging templates, and information on hosting a sustainable event.

How do I send my confirmed affiliate event details?

After you sign the terms and conditions, you’ll receive a link to submit your finalized event information to the Summit organizers. This information will be posted publicly on the Summit website. Information, including the event title, location, time, date, and a short description, will need to be finalized and submitted no later than early August.

Additional details for your event such as registration, agenda and speakers should be outlined on a separate web page developed by you or your organization. This website will be linked to from the affiliate event webpage on the Summit website.

The details of my proposal have changed. Will I still be able to host an event?

If logistical information or minor event details, such as location, time, date or event title, has changed, please include this updated information when you submit your finalized event information to the Summit organizers. After agreeing to the affiliate event Terms and Conditions, you will receive a link to the form where you can provide that information.

If major details, such as event topic and host organization, have changed, your event will need to go through an expedited review by Summit organizers. Please notify us as soon as possible.

Will hosting an affiliate event guarantee admission to the main Global Climate Action Summit program?

No, hosting an affiliate event does not guarantee you or your participants admission to the main Summit program. Attendance at the Summit plenary and other high-level segments is by invitation and will require accreditation. If you represent an organization ready to make a major climate commitment at the Summit, please send details about that proposed announcement by clicking here.

People everywhere are encouraged to participate in the hundreds of affiliate events taking place in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout the world during the week of September 10-14th, including climate action panels, workshops, tours, exhibits and other special events. The full affiliate event schedule will be posted here this summer.

September 12-14, you can virtually attend the Summit by streaming it live on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

What support will I receive from the Global Climate Action Summit team to host an affiliate event?

Selected affiliate events are responsible for planning, organizing, and promotion of their event. The Summit team will provide access to the Global Climate Action Summit Toolkit and can answer any additional questions not addressed in these frequently asked questions. Please email us here.

Where can I view all affiliate events happening the week of the Global Climate Action Summit?

The entire affiliate event schedule will be posted on the Summit website this summer.

I am merging my affiliate event with another organization’s. Do all organizations need to agree to the Terms and Conditions and complete the confirmed event details form?

If multiple organizations are coordinating a single affiliate event, only one Terms and Conditions form and confirmed details form needs to be submitted. Be advised that an organization is allowed to only host one event per approved affiliate event proposal. That event can either be standalone or merged with another organization’s affiliate event.

What if my organization is not able to agree to the Terms and Conditions?

Your organization will not be permitted to host a Global Climate Action Summit affiliate event. However, we encourage you to participate in the Summit through the community portal found here.