Adam Dixon

CEO of Phytoponics
Cardiff, United Kingdom

Adam Dixon is the British inventor behind the AgTech startup Phytoponics, and the United Nations Young Champion of the Earth for Europe. Adam has developed technology with a focus on allowing a wide variety of crops to be grown highly efficiently and productively using hydroponics. His special design involves rapidly deployable water holding bags that can grow many crops such as Tomato, Strawberry, Sweet Potato and Raspberry very fast on smaller areas of land with much less water.

After launching Phytoponics at the age of 23, Adam, now 26, has raised investment and is installing his first commercial scale farm in the UK. His aim is to use this farm as a pilot to refine and showcase the technology for international development. He believes that at scale, if we moved more of the food chain to use Phytoponics, huge areas of land and fresh water can be liberated back for reforestation and rewilding.

Visit Phytoponics for more information on Adam’s work.