Basima Abdulrahman

Founder and CEO of KESK Green Building Consulting
Erbil, Iraq

Basima has nine years of diverse civil engineering experience focused on sustainable development in Iraq. Her core expertise is in green building assessment tools and amplified strategies that lead to enhanced building performance. She is the Founder and CEO of the first local initiative established to introduce the concept of green design and construction to Iraq called KESK. Her vision is to make Iraqi cities more sustainable, inclusive and economically productive through making buildings and infrastructures healthy, environmentally responsible, and resource-efficient.

Basima was featured in the Real Leaders magazine as one of the 100 Visionary Leaders for 2018. She was invited to the 2018 WEF annual meeting where she spoke to world leaders addressing the environmental crisis in her country and advocating for sustainable solutions. She was recognized by WEF Agenda, Forbes México, and Astro AWANI among other platforms for leading the green building work in Iraq.

Visit Kesk for more information on Basima’s work.