Dr. Wayne Song

CEO and General Manager of Green Carbon Technology Co., Ltd. and C4X Technologies Inc.
Suzhou, China

Learned from Carbon XPRIZE, Dr. Wayne Song was fascinated by the potentials of CO2 assets to human society. With over 30 year experience in engineering and 30 patents, Wayne has assembled C4X, a team of Chinese and Canadians to dash into the final of Carbon XPrize to capture, convert and utilize CO2 from flue gas. He has converted CO2 into Ethylene Carbonate, the electrolyte for electric car battery, and Ethylene Glycol, the base material for textile and PET bottle, as well as supercritical CO2 foamed biocomposites.

To Wayne, CO2 emission is no longer a liability, but a huge treasure for human-being. The value of converted CO2 products from coal power station is much higher than the electricity generated. We can keep the blue sky and green mountain while developing economics.

Wayne has proposed to eliminate smog by not allowing anything emitted from flue gas and convert them all while CO2 utilization will generate enough economic benefits to cover all the costs.

Wayne has studied and worked in China, Canada, and USA since 1979. His multidisciplinary experience at University of Toronto, McMaster, Tsinghua and Peking Universities, including mechanics, civil, chemical, mechanical, material, and environment engineering has shaped his comprehensive engineering expertise.

To transfer technology into reality is Wayne’s passion.

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