Eritai Kateibwi

CEO and Founder of Te Maeu Projects
Tarawa, Kiribati

He is a man of unique character. Since his early years growing up on the remote islands of Kiribati he has loved his closeness to the ocean. He becomes recharged going late night spearfishing beyond the reef or protection of shallow water. He would rather be physically engaged in activities than be put behind a desk. Therefore, his finance degree earned from Brigham Young University Hawaii has helped him build his local charity Te Maeu instead of committing to a job in the Kiribati government. His energy and vision has helped create a food sustainability program that teaches local Kiribati families how to grow wholesome fruits and vegetables using hydroponics. This process using a container and a nutrient rich water solution allows plants to mature in 30 days. Despite his success Eritai remains focused on helping his people find solutions to other environmental challenges that Kiribati faces.

Visit Te Meau Projects for more information on Eritai’s work.