Hammerskjoeld “Hammer” Simwinga

Executive Chairperson at the Foundation for Wildlife and Habitat Conservation
Mpika, Zambia

Hammarskjold Simwinga is a 2007 Goldman Environmental Prize Recipient, for having worked with communities in rural Zambia of north luangwa national park by providing and supporting alternative livelihood to over 3000 households. He is also a Times Magazine 2007 Environmental nominee. In 2008 he became a National Geographic Emerging Explore.

His work goes as far back as 1994, supporting communities in sustainable agriculture production, conducting conservation education to young rural pupils.

In the recent years he has dedicated his time trying to save over 5,080 hac. of pristine forest that is under threat due to increased timber poaching and increased land encroachment by commercial farm land developers.

He and the community through the support of the traditional leadership and the local council have managed to protect part of this important north luangwa ecosystem that which is part of the great two national wildlife parks,the north and South Luangwa national parks.

Visit Foundation for Wildlife and Habitat Conservation – Zambia for more information on Hammer’s work.