Shukri Haji Ismail Mohamoud Bandare

Minister of Environment and Rural Development
Hargeisa, Somaliland

In 1999 Shukri H. Ismail went on field trip with colleague called Ahmed Awale who is by nature is environmentalist to a mountain called Ga’an Libah which lies along Golis range mountains. Ahmed explained how the mountain look like three decades ago and how it changed so much with extensive charcoaling and land-degradation due to over grazing and shortage of precipitation.
Shukri and Ahmed had a long discussion about how to improve the biodiversity of the area and also how to attract the support of community lives in the area and the government of Somaliland as well as the International community.

Fortunately, Shukri and Ahmed with the help of OXFAM Netherlands started a long term programme (Ga’an Libah food for Work programme) which reduced the over grazing which benefitted thousands of pastoral community that improved the beautiful features of the mountain. This was first eye opening for Shukri and rest is history. From there, Shukri developed a passion for saving Environment, extensively educating and awarring the people of Somaliland about the climate change which is happening inside Somaliland as well as the protection and conservation of the environment since the Somali people generally befit one hundred percent from its natural resources.

With extensive trainings and exposure visits to the neighboring countries, Shukri and her team gained knowledge of conserving and protecting the environment. Later on she become a popular environmentalist in the country. In 2013, she become a minister of the Ministry of Environment and Rural Development, whilst she is in the office policy and legal framework development has been a key priory area of interest.

Several policies and legal acts were developed while Shukri has been in the office such as:
– Somaliland Environmental Policy which has provisions of climate change adaptation mechanisms.
– National Environmental Management Act.
– Somaliland Climate change policy was drafted and developed.
– Environmental Sector plan and strategy for five years (2017-2021) was developed.

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