Ursula Rakova

Executive Director of Tulele Peisa Incorporated
Bougainville, Papua New Guinea

Ursula Rakova is a pioneer Environmental Campaigner in Papua New Guinea for more than 30 years now. IN PNG her campaigns were focussed on logging especially on forest degradation and impacts on mining waste through the river systems.

Today, Ursula focusses her efforts on climate change and displacement as her own community of Carterets Islands is devastated by shoreline erosion and salt water intrusion into their drinking wells.

In 2006, Ursula organised her people and began the long journey of relocating her island community of Carterets into nearby Bougainville, PNG to enable her people to continue to live their lives without much disruption, but solidly building long lasting community relations with the host community. Today, Ursula has relocated 10 families who are building their well being and sustenance through growing food crops and cash crops.

Ursula was awarded the Pride of PNG Award on her contribution to the Environment in 2008. In September 2014, Ursula on behalf of Tulele Peisa was awarded the UNDP Equator Initiative Award for finding a local solution to climate change and displacement.